Exclusive Technology

Our exclusive HD 3D® printing process embeds the ink deep into the shoe's material, much like a tattoo, to ensure long-lasting vibrant designs that cannot wash off or be affected by the weather.

Fast Production

Our exclusive HD 3D® printing process allows us to embed artwork into the shoe's material in just a few minutes; this allows us to guarantee same or next day production and dispatch.

Creative Freedom

You can choose from a wide range of designs created by our in-house, award-winning designers or have something completely unique and personal. Use any of your own photos or patterns to express yourself through your shoes.

Risk Free

As a customer you have the option of holding no stock. This removes the cost of storage and the risk of unsold merchandise. It will actually cost you no money at all other than promoting the brand in your stores as shoes can be paid for upfront with no outlay.

Brand new Udushu boot and leg cover

With these water resistant, durable, machine washable covers you can add a bit of personality to your practicality. Wear over your wellies or riding boots to keep you warm.


Wear whilst cycling for added protection and safety with our luminous neon versions or cover your legs to provide an easily removable cover that protects clothing underneath.
Also great for kids!

About us

Udushu Ltd is a company specialising in the production and personalisation/customisation of footwear. We are using a technology developed by Trichord Ltd, which has already been successfully used on other products, but never before on shoes. John Lewis, Targus, Photobox, Argos, Rayban, Oakley and Apple stores are amongst those which have been successfully selling products produced with this process for some time. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality, comfortable shoes which are unique to them at a very competitive price and with a fast turnaround time. Customers will be able to choose from our extensive gallery of designs, printed on different sections of the shoe or fully personalise with their own designs.


The shoes displayed on this website are 3D models created for design purposes only. Our actual shoes may differ slightly.
See an image of our actual shoes.

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